Nickelback to Play in Spite of Protests

If you plan to watch the Thanksgiving game between the Lions and the Packers, expect to see Nickelback performing during the halftime show – in spite of efforts to get them to reneg on the gig. A Michigan resident and football fan started a petition to remove Nickelback from the festivities, complaining that host city Detroit was home to so many great musicians, Nickelback wasn’t talented enough to make the cut. The petition declares:

“Detroit is home to so many great musicians and they chose Nickelback?!?!?! Does anyone even like Nickelback? Is this some sort of ploy to get people to leave their seats during halftime to spend money on alcoholic beverages and concessions?”


The petition garnered more than 50,000 signatures. Double ouch.

Meanwhile the band released a statement saying they were “honored” to play the show. Guess they’ll get the last laugh – and the performance fee to boot!