Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Miley Cyrus, Matt Lauer and More

The overwhelming celebrity Halloween costume theme this year seems to be dressing up like other celebrities. In particular, it seems like everyone wanted to work their own version of Miley Cyrus’ now infamous MTV Video Music Awards ‘twerking’ outfit. If there is anything we really wanted to see less than Kelly Ripa dressed as Miley Cyrus, though, it was Miley Cyrus dressed as Lil Kim.

Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim
Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim: Source – Instagram

The worst dressed vote for celebrity Halloween costumers this year, however, goes to Matt Lauer made up as Pamela Anderson from Baywatch. We will never be able to unsee that image. Seriously, we are feeling the need for some eyeball bleach after seeing Matt Lauer with boobs.

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Pam Anderson needs to get organized

Pamela Anderson claims that she doesn’t have any money problems, and given that she keeps paying her debts to the federal government without hesitation, that seems to be true, but she needs to hire someone to keep track of what she owes and when it’s due.  Pam had some troubles in 2009 when she had to fork over nearly half a million dollars in back taxes, which she claims didn’t get paid simply because she’s disorganized about keeping track of things like that.

Now, just last month, the government gave Pam a great holiday surprise – another bill for $180,000.  Pam’s lawyers have apparently taken care of the past due payment now, but it can’t be fun to be out nearly 200 grand over the holidays, no matter how much money you allegedly have.

Dancing With the Stars Cast Winners and Losers

The new season of Dancing With the Stars kicks off tonight and we’re making our predictions on who will win and who will fall on their asses and fail miserably. Eleven celebrity contestants and their professional dance partners hit the stage for the 10th season of Dancing With the Stars on Monday night. Naturally, we have our own biased opinion on who is going to rock the dance floor and who is going to embarrass themselves thoroughly.

Dancing With the Stars season 10 cast (
Dancing With the Stars season 10 cast (

Least Likely to Win: Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa

There is virtually no chance this duo can win. The former astronaut is no spring chicken and he’s not going to be able to pull off the moves some of the other contestants will do with ease. Plus, it’s just kind of weird to watch a guy this old jiggle his butt. We’re predicting a high chance for a medical out with Aldrin, considering how often accidents and injuries happen on this show.

Most Likely to Win: Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskya

Evan Lysacek has already proven he can dance on ice skates like a friggin’ ballerina on steroids. We’re sure that’s going to translate into some spectacular moves on his own two feet. High probability Lysacek will be doing some killer lift moves with his partner, which we can’t wait to watch.

Most Likely to Have a Wardrobe Malfunction: Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitehood

We’re sorry to say it, but those boobs have got to make it difficult to bounce around on the dance floor without losing your top. Plus, they probably get in the way when you’re trying to do some kind of crazy lift move and we can hear the fabric ripping in our heads already. Really though, we just feel it in our bones there will be a viral video from DWTS of Pamela Anderson exposing something she shouldn’t. Whee!

Most Likely to Fall on Their Ass: Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani

We’re predicting a spill for this dancing couple because Kate Gosselin constantly moves like a wooden puppet wound too tightly – and that’s just when she’s grocery shopping! Plus, it’s obvious the girl has major control issues and she’s not going to relax when she’s being flung around the floor by her partner. She’ll grab when she should let go or try to push Dovolani around and down she’ll go. Well, that’s our gut feeling anyway, Gosselin may just prove us wrong, but we kind of hope not…

Dancing With the Stars season 10 cast photos (

We’ll be tuning in to Dancing With the Stars Monday night to see how it goes, but regardless of whether we’re right or wrong on our predictions, we’re sure it will be a fun-filled, drama-packed season of DTWS once again!

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Crimes Against Fashion: Katie Holmes Edition (Again)

Sigh. Oh, Katie Holmes. Snarkista is naming you her winner for “Most Crimes Against Fashion 2008.” No, it won’t help you get a Tony Award. Are you not living in New York, arguably the fashion capital of the world? And is it not WINTER in New York? Even if the city’s experiencing a warm snap, there is NO excuse for this outfit. Wearing leggings, Snarkista’s most hated form of clothing is violation #1. Wearing leggings with SHORTS is violation #2. And wearing leggings and shorts with PUMPS is the third strike, making you OUT.

Not out like your hubby Tommy wants to have the gays be, with his proposal for a U.S. gay census like the UK has (for realz!). That’s a subject for another post, although it is QUITE amusing coming from Ms. Tom. No, Katie, just out like PLEASE DON’T GO OUT DRESSED LIKE THIS ANY MORE! You’re hogging all of the CAF awards. Pamela Anderson and Solange Knowles are getting pissed. Do not mess with Solange- she will cut a bitch. With FEATHERS!

An Open Letter To Pamela Anderson

Dear Pamela Anderson,
You are almost 40. Your ladybits are wailing right now, as you are using a glittery leotard as a garrote on them. It is December, and this is your second violation this week. Consider looking into pants? To wear, just so we’re clear.
With concern for the global Monistat supply,

Fuggers In Hollywood Snap Up Lindsay Lohan’s Heinous Leggings

Further confirmation that most of Hollywood has absolutely NO taste (see Pamela Anderson in her tiger panties), Lindsay Lohan’s horrid line of leggings is actually being purchased by lemmings in Tinseltown. Signs of the Apocalypse!

The top seller? Lindsay’s leggings with kneepads. Snarkista will not expound on the envisioned uses for these, but they look like they’re designed for the gal who does a lot of kneeling. ‘Nuf said.

Leggings have always been tip-top of Snarkista’s loathe list…they are frightfully cameltoe-inducing, and, no matter what anyone says, THEY ARE NOT PANTS! Forget telling that to LiLo though, she wears the sausage casings 24/7. Her vajayjay is SCREAMING for air. Free the ladyparts, America! Save yourself a trip to the drugstore!

Pam Anderson And Paris Hilton Schlep It To The Gallery

Pamela Anderson: Heyyyyy Paris!

Paris Hilton: (Ahem) Hey Pam! Fancy seeing you here at The Art Basel Miami- it’s IMPORTANT, ya know..

Pam: Yeah, I love art! I brought my Andy Warhol purse and Fred Durst. No hard feelings, K?

Paris: Oh, none! Fred’s soooo in my past, I’m moving on with playing Tinkerbell for Disney! Are you up for a Madagascar 3 role?

Pam: Huh?

Paris: The underwear, Pam. Tigress?

Pam: No! It was dark when I got dressed and I grabbed one of my boys’ underoos by mistake.

Paris: Ohkayy! How old are your little ones now? I’m dying to be a mom. I’d be the best!

Pam: They’re 10 and 11 now. Motherhood is great- all of their friends call me “Stacy’s Mom”… I don’t really get it; neither of them are named Stacy…

Paris: Do they care if you go out half-naked? I need to know these things. Don’t get me wrong, you look good for 40…

Pam: Uh, well- that’s why I kept the lights off. They are in that “mom is so embarrassing” stage.

Paris: I wore this Tinkerbell dress last night and I didn’t have time to change- the serape totally transforms it, no?

Pam: Uh, sure. It’s not very hott, though, they have these pants in zebra too!

Paris: Um- no thanks, hun. I have to stick with the fairy theme as much as possible. Can you smell my new “Fairy Dust” perfume? No to Prop 8!

Pam: I thought that was my vintage Zima. I’m gonna miss this stuff.