PanAm Ending Production but not Canceled

It doesn’t seem to be a good sign that new show Pan Am will have a truncated season, but ABC denied rumors that the show would be canceled entirely. Yesterday, one of the show’s stars, Karine Vanesse, tweeted that Pan Am will only have one episode after Christmas, then will be on hiatus, but that doesn’t appear to be entirely true. However, ABC responded by saying:  “Nothing has changed. We are not canceling ‘Pan Am’. We are still in production and will continue to be in production finishing the original 13 episodes plus one more additional one.”

The network’s decision on whether or not to renew the show for another season will be announced in May with the rest of its fall lineup. Vanesse cleared up the confusion by elaborating: there will still be five new episodes, taking the show through February.

Whatever the case, ABC seems to have a plethora of shows to choose from and so the drama – starring Chistina Ricci and telling the tale of some of the airline’s first flight attendants –  has more to compete with.