General Larry Platt Performs Pants on the Ground on The View

American Idol breakout Internet sensation General Larry Platt performed his signature “Pants on the Ground” rap on The View Monday. Platt also explained the origin of the song and broke out a few new dance moves for the fans!

General Larry Platt on 'The View' (Photo: ABC)
General Larry Platt on 'The View' (Photo: ABC)

Platt said he saw a young man walking along sucking on a baby bottle or pacifier with his “pants on the ground” and was inspired to make up the “Pants on the Ground” rap on the spot.

The ladies of The View played a video of Brett Favre singing a brief bit of “Pants on the Ground” after the Vikings win over the Cowboys on Sunday. Platt gave the rendition two thumbs up.

Platt’s nephew Jason said he was “really proud of my uncle, he’s finally getting the word out that he always wanted to do for all these years… he’s been a real good inspiration to me.”

Check out General Larry Platt performing “Pants on the Ground” on The View in the video below:

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