Possible ‘Paranormal Activity’ Sequel in the Works

The low-budget horror flick Paranormal Activity slashed its way to the top of the box office charts this weekend. Naturally, speculation about whether Paramount was planning a sequel quickly followed. According to the studio, the answer is… maybe.


Paranormal Activity blasted to number one this weekend, slaying the much pricier Saw VI, the latest offering in Lions Gate Entertainment’s seemingly endless Saw series. The film, which was shot for something around $15,000, has raked in over $60 million so far.

When questioned about a possible sequel to the surprise blockbuster film, Paramount Chairman Brad Gray said only: “We have the rights on a worldwide basis to do Paranormal 2 and we’re looking to see if that makes some sense.”

Hell, even if the sequel was a total bomb, Paramount would still walk away with a shit-eating grin. The studio spent a lousy $300,000 to acquire the film and has spent far less in marketing than on most Hollywood blockbusters – relying on a campaign geared to create Internet fan buzz to launch the movie to the top. With Paranormal Activity geared to earn over $100 million, it only makes sense to think about a sequel.

Then again, let’s not forget what happened to the sequel to The Blair Witch Project. Wait… what? There was a sequel?

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