Told Ya So…Paris And Benji Madden SPLIT!

Paris Hilton’s rep has confirmed that Paris and her boyfriend of 9 months, Benji Madden, are SPLITSVILLE! “Even though they are still in love, they felt it would be better to just be friends,” a source close to Hilton, 27, told US magazine. Yeah, this explains a lot about why Paris was all over hunky Stavros Niarchos this past weekend. Also, Snarkista’s not buying the “still in love” part.

Apparently, Benji’s dislike for Paris’s friends was behind the split. Ya think? The two definitely had COMPLETELY different styles. And Paris has COMPLETELY insufferable friends.

“Benji was overprotective and controlling. He doesn’t get along with any of her friends,” the source tells Us. “Friends thought Paris had changed since being with Benji and she wants to be herself again.”
Translation: Wonky wants to be a full time skank again.

“Paris was fed up with Benji always telling her what to do and bossing her around. She couldn’t take his overbearing ways anymore. It was stressing her out. He can be very aggressive and he was just too much trouble.”

Because there is only room for ONE high maintenance Bi-yotch in any couple, and Paris has YEARS of practice on Benji. Paris is sticking to the tried and true rule of vapid relationships: be sure and break up before the holidays. Whew! Ya barely made it, Wonky!