Debbie Rowe Sells Out Her Kids…Again


Michael Jackson’s children are pawns in a high-dollar game, and they are losing big-time. First, Grampaw Joe Jackson– who brutally abused Michael as a child, has announced he’s going to take Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket ON TOUR next year as “The Jackson 3.” Holy crap.

Clearly, this isn’t what Michael would have wanted, but as he named his mom Katherine as guardian- and she’s still married to Joe, keeping Grampaw’s money-grubbing paws away from the kids is next to impossible. Such is the decision-making prowess of a dude taking 40 Xanax a day…(plus a hell of a lot more.)

Now, to avoid a custody battle, Paris and Prince Michael’s mom Debbie Rowe has taken a $4 million dollar bribe to stay out of the way. Debbie sold the kids once already…for $16.5 million when she and Michael divorced, and now she’s cashing in on them again. God help those poor kids. Where’s Child Protective Services when you need them?!