No More Excuses – Lil Wayne Finally Going to Jail

Rapper Lil Wayne has managed to avoid actually starting his year-long stint at Riker’s Island for quite a while now. First, he had to have some emergency dental surgery that delayed his jail sentencing for over a week. Then, last week, a fire at the New York courthouse where he was scheduled to appear delayed his sentencing once again. On Monday, however, Lil Wayne will finally have to pay the piper and begin serving his jail term.

Lil Wayne mug shot (NYPD)
Lil Wayne mug shot (NYPD)

Lil Wayne is due to return to court in New York on Monday, where he will be officially sentenced for attempted criminal possession of a weapon. Wayne is expected to turn himself in immediately and head off to Riker’s Island penitentiary for the next year.

Wayne has been insanely busy the last month prepping for his time away from the world, shooting footage for over a dozen music videos and laying down music tracks left and right.

Perhaps the weirdest commentary to come out of the response to Lil Wayne’s sentencing today comes from a rather unlikely source – celebrity chef Paula Deen. Deen told that the best thing for Lil Wayne to eat before he heads off to jail is “collard greens” because, she said dryly: “They’d clean his butt out.”

We’re thinking someone needs to acquaint Paula with the subtle taste and texture of a bar of soap in her mouth.

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Paula Deen Hit With Ham at Atlanta Food Drive

This is just kind of laugh-out-loud good. Food Network star Paul Deen got smacked in the face with a ham while volunteering at a food drive in Atlanta. Deen was helping to unload thousands of pounds of meat for an Atlanta food bank when she unexpectedly got one of the donated hams right in the kisser.

Food Network star Paula Deen

“I thought it busted my lip, but it didn’t,” Paula Deen said later in an interview with WGCL-TV. “I’m OK. It just knocked me for a little bit.”

The ham-cock happened after Deen threw the ham to another volunteer and he jokingly tossed it back to her. Except she wasn’t paying attention and got the ham in the face. “I thought he was going to pass it down the line,” Deen said, “but all of a sudden this ham… hit me full long in the face and ’bout knocked me cuckoo.”

Deen posted to her Twitter feed later that she hasn’t “met the ham that could stop me yet!”

Bravo for the sense of humor, Paul Deen, and glad you didn’t end up with any hammy scars. It was pretty damn funny though.

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