Pauly D Baby Custody War is ON: Baby Momma Wants Money!

DJ Pauly D baby
DJ Pauly D – Source: Wikimedia Commons

Former Jersey Shore star Pauly D only just learned he is a father to a baby daughter named Amabella but he’s already embroiled in a custody war! The poor Pauly D baby is only a few months old and already at the center of a bitter dispute between mommy and daddy. What’s at stake? A whole lot of cash and one poor kid’s future well-being.

Pauly D and his baby momma, Amanda Markert, reportedly met in Vegas and hooked up one liquor-filled night while he was working there as a DJ. The mom of baby Amabella filed court documents to establish paternity and Pauly D agreed to take a paternity test, which came back positive.

All went well to that point but that’s when things reportedly got nasty. According to, Pauly D doesn’t think his baby momma is fit to be a parent. Among his alleged complaints? His baby momma supposedly used to work at Hooters.

Plus, the former Jersey Shore star reportedly says that although he is willing to support the child financially, the baby’s mother is trying to milk him like she just won the lottery. Case in point? The photo TMZ obtained above showing baby Amabella posted with a wad of hundred dollar bills.

Pauly D and his baby mamma are now going at in court with both of them filing against each other. Pauly D reportedly wants some kind of custody of his love child, although we don’t know if he is seeking full custody or only partial. This is Pauly’s first child but his baby momma reportedly has at least one other kid.