Blake Lively and Penn Badgley split

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl were one of TV’s favorite couples both on and off screen, but it appears the two have decided to call it quits in real life, even though they still have to work together.  Apparently they broke up over a month ago, but have been keeping it really quiet because they didn’t want a huge media circus making things harder than they already were, and according to some reports, even their coworkers on the Gossip Girl set were not aware of the breakup until very recently.

I guess they wanted to prove to everyone how professional they could be, but it must be incredibly difficult having to go to work everyday and hang out with your ex.

Tommy + Chace= Gossiping Girls

The “Superhero” themed Met Costume Institute Ball in New York last week brought out a wide variety of celebs and socialites, along with some very interesting “costumes”. Not gonna detail the clothes- suffice to say there was the usual good, bad and incredibly fugly.

Tommy and “Kate” Cruise were there, in Armani. Several of the Gossip Girl cast attended as well, including Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley. Penn was supposed to be the show’s breakout hunk, but Chace seems to have eclipsed him- even though Penn’s film work includes the provocative yet acclaimed independent feature “The Fluffer”!

Despite Penn’s provocative work, Tommy Girl brushed him aside in his rush to get next to Chace! Apparently, Tommy’s a BIG fan of the show! Oh, and Kate is too. You know, because they both love watching cute boys great acting. Tommy and co. dissed the rest of the cast, and only talked to Chace- leaving Penn pissed. This was supposed to be PENN’s big night, not a Chacefest! Adding insult to injury, Chace was the only one invited to George Clooney’s exclusive afterparty!

You KNOW Tommy slipped Chace his digits ‘cuz Chace is single now! Carrie Underwood got tired of his party-hopping, cabana boy bromance with JC Chasez. And, if you put your hands over your ears, “Chace” sounds alot more like “Kate” than “Penn” does. Tommy’s crazy, but careful!