Hugh Jackman Named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”

Aussie Hugh Jackman has been named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Live” for this year! Previous winners have included Matt Damon>, George Clooney and Matthew McConaughey. Hugh is starring in the upcoming epic movie “Australia” with Nicole Kidman. Sayeth Nicole on Hugh’s hotness:

“Oh…my…God. Women’s jaws drop when Hugh walks into a room… He’s such an Aussie bloke – loyal and passionate. That’s a great combo.”

Have to agree with Nicole, there, Hugh is quite easy on the eyes! But…he’s married, ladies- and has been for 12 year. His wife, Deborra-Lee Furness said ” I could have told them that years ago! Obviously Brad Pitt wasn’t available this year!” Hugh makes sure his leading ladies meet Deborra when he starts a new project.

“The first thing I always do in a movie is go to dinner with my leading lady and my wife. When they meet Deb they like her more than me anyway.”

Deborra kinda likes it when Hugh comes home in character too! She often tells him not to take off his on-screen look. Apparently, she likes the “stockbroker” look the best, but got a kick out of Hugh’s “prisoner” look, complete with tattoos. Guess that helps keep things exciting! Hugh and Deb have two children together, eight-year-old Oscar and three-year-old Ava.

At 40, Hugh Jackman has managed to accomplish a well-rounded career. He has starred in blockbuster movies like the “X-Men” installments and “Swordfish,” romantic films such as “Someone Like You” and “Kate & Leopold” and has even lent his voice to cartoon characters in animated films “Happy Feet” and “Flushed Away.”
Debbora Lee is keenly involved in the field of international adoptions, and she and Hugh kicked off the first-ever National Adoption Awareness Week in Australia Monday. Deborah Lee says that:

“When I started speaking out, the media kept saying “Deborra-Lee and her lobby group”, but it was just me and my big mouth. It started with me looking at the reality of 103 million orphaned children in the world, and as a mother, thinking: ‘How can we have two year olds walking the streets, fending for themselves, looking through rubbish for food?” When we came back( to Australia), people kept asking me why it was so difficult to adopt here, because they know we have two adopted children. ..I was thinking, Hang on. I’m trying to care for these kids in Africa, and people are walking up to me telling me they’d like to adopt – so what’s in the middle? It’s these bureaucrats pushing paper around the desk for 20 years! So I wanted to facilitate the adoption laws being changed here solely for the purpose of finding families for the children overseas who I was already fighting for.
It was a big family decision for me to speak out because I knew it was going to be invasive. But if I’ve go the level of celebrity where people will listen, I’m going to use it for something that’s worthwhile.”

Congrats to Hugh AND Deborra Lee!