Mariah Carey Admits to Drunk Acceptance Speech at People’s Choice Awards

Mariah Carey admitted to reporters at the People’s Choice Awards she was tipsy on champagne during an apparently drunken acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival. The R&B diva says, however, she had only had a few “splashes of champagne” before taking the stage.

Mariah Carey at People's Choice Awards
Mariah Carey at People's Choice Awards

Mariah Carey was more than a little loopy at the Palm Springs Film Festival when she accepted an award for her role in the hit movie Precious. Carey appeared quite tipsy during her acceptance speech, rambling on, slurring words and giggling way, way too much. Speaking backstage to reporters at the People’s Choice Awards, Carey admitted she had been drinking before she went onstage. She did, however, somewhat blame Precious director Lee Daniels for helping her get sloshed.

 “We were celebrating and having little splashes, and I hadn’t eaten and that’s what it was,” Carey said. “We had splashes of champagne, and I love Lee but he’s a bad influence.”

Carey made up for her tipsy speech in Palm Springs with a much better (and more sober) spiel at the People’s Choice Awards. Although she did have to have the help of husband Nick Cannon to get to the podium, due to the overwhelming butt-hugging of her floor-length gown. Watching her shuffle her feet and wiggle her but in that seriously tight dress is really the most fun part of that speech!

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