Photoshop Awards: Jennifer Aniston Edition

Jennifer Aniston dropped by The View to discuss her surprise-trauma-inducing movie Marley And Me, as well as her naked GQ shoot. Stalker says the GQ folks got her hammered before she took it all off, AND blabbed that she’d been Photoshopped in the magazine! From the looks of it, her thighs, knees and the girls all got spiffed up.

“What happened to the girl next door from “Friends?” Barbara Walters asked, holding up the January issue, in which Aniston appears seated, smiling, with her legs crossed, with only a tie around her neck. “She’s there! Photoshopped!” Aniston, 39, replied.

THAT will help your career, Jenny. Snarkista’s spies saw Marley And Me yesterday, and reported a whole theater full of bawling kids…with unsuspecting parents who were QUITE angry they’d been suckered into a “feel good” movie that ends horribly. Obviously, they didn’t read the book. Nonetheless, they’re PISSED at you, and possibly traumatized for life. Nice move!

Photoshop Awards: Jessica Alba Edition

Behold new mom Jessica Alba, posing for a new Campari calendar. Jessica wants us to think she’s shed every ounce of preggo, and is once again, perfection of body. Enter Photoshop guru! He’s nipped a few off of her hips, and made sure that Jessica is NOT smiling, even a little. ‘Cuz that is how she rolls. Also…boob lift! Ahhh, if Photoshop could only live in Snarkista’s closet. Santa?!

Britney Spears’ Photoshop Diet

Hmmm. OK Magazine’s big spread on Britney Spears and her new hot bod may have been a teensy bit exaggerated. Britney yammers on about her 1200 calorie a day diet in the article. Snarkista thinks Britney’s been on the Photoshop diet, and the pic on in the middle seems to support her thesis. The middle pic was taken last night, and Brit’s showing quite a bit of junk in the trunk. (Click to enlarge.) Don’t know when Britney shot the OK pics, but either she had a little help from the “magic eraser”, or she immediately went back on the cheeto diet she started during the shoot! The pic on the right don’t lie!!