James Durbin Eliminated from American Idol, Fans Pissed

James Durbin fans are outraged and pissed off that he was eliminated from American Idol last night. Many had considered James Durbin the front-runner to take home the top prize on American Idol since former favorite Pia Toscano was booted off.

Even the other American Idol contestants seemed shocked all to hell by the elimination of James Durbin. Scotty McCreery looked like he was about to pass out on stage after finding out he had beaten out Durbin to join the top three. On Facebook, on Twitter, on forums and in comments sections across the Net, American Idol viewers are outraged and angry at Durbin getting the boot. Fans of the remaining top three, of course, call all this complaining sour grapes and point out that if everyone loved him so much, why did he lose the vote?

All is not lost for James Durbin fans, however. Let’s not forget though that in seasons past, it has not always been the winner who eventually rose to be the star of their season. Oh, you know, like Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson for example?

There was the usual outcry of voting manipulation, especially with the new online voting option this season. Of course, we’ve had plenty of those accussations before when favorites have suddenly been booted off, but we’ll never know if there is any truth to the conspiracy theories.

We do know, however, that James Durbin will probably do just fine as the fourth place runner-up on American Idol this season. He still gets to go on tour. He will undoubtably have multiple recording offers to choose from. And hopefully, without having the burden of being the American Idol winner, he’ll actually get to make music that doesn’t suck.

We can hope!

Minor fame has changed Pia Toscano

It looks like Pia Toscano has decided that her old boyfriend doesn’t fit in with her new C-list lifestyle, and she’s climbing the social ladder while trying out new candidates.  Carlos Nunez, Toscano’s boyfriend of four years, has been left wondering what happened after Toscano started going on dates with Mark Ballas of Dancing with the Stars.  Toscano did not break up with Nunez first – she simply started dating Ballas and stopped returning her boyfriend’s calls.  When asked if they were in a relationship, Ballas simply said that they are having a great time and he has no complaints.  Poor Carlos, he deserves better than that.  The least Pia could have done is told him it was over.

Pia Toscano gets a record deal

After the shock of Pia Toscano being eliminated from American Idol last week, record companies have been scrambling to make sure the young woman’s talent doesn’t go to waste.  Interscope Records rushed in to make sure that no one got there before them, and within a couple of days they had a contract ready for her to sign.  She’s expected to make it official this week.

Not everyone was surprised that things went this way, though – producer Nigel Lythgoe says that Pia was never even close to the top of the weekly results, and based on that he doesn’t think she would have had a chance at winning, anyway.  And the scandal of being eliminated has brought her a lot of attention, so this will probably work out well for her career.