Pippa Middleton offered a movie role

There may be an Oscar in Pippa Middleton‘s future, and by that I mean some dude name Oscar.  Adult film company Vivid Entertainment have offered Pippa five million dollars to star in one of their films, with an additional one million tacked on if she can convince her brother to star in the film with her.

Vivid claim that their offer is real, and that they think Pippa could have a hugely successful career in the adult entertainment industry.  So if she’s ever in need of some quick cash, she knows the number to call.  Sources say that the offer from Vivid came after photos surfaced of Pippa partying in a bikini while drunk.

It’s back to normal life for the Middletons

His daughter just married the future King of England, but Michael Middleton still understands that the lawn won’t mow itself.  The Middletons seem to have come back down to earth after the euphoria of the wedding, and are now dealing with the reality of the weeding.

Michael was seen this morning mowing the lawn and doing some gardening maintenance, as if he hadn’t been riding around in a Rolls just three days ago.  Pippa, Kate’s sister, may be headed for a new job as Kate’s lady-in-waiting.  The Middletons, who run an online business, have just started advertising for a new employee, prompting speculation that Pippa will be leaving the business soon for an assisting role in her sister’s new hectic life.