Snarkista is an incurable world-events junkie, and what with Russia and KGB Putin bombing the hell out of the sovereign, democratic nation of Georgia, along with the Democratic and Republican Conventions imminent, she’s a little cranky about Politicians today. Particularly in light of the fact that the mainstream media refuses to touch the issue of Barack Obama’s citizenship and birth certificate, and his legal ability to be President. Snarkista is not taking sides, she wants to know the TRUTH. As should every American, whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, Constitution Party, Green Party, or WHATEVER. Do we need the effin’ National Enquirer to bust the media again about our Politicians? They had to do the dirty work on John Edwards, and it’s starting to look like they’re the only ones with the balls to do what the mainstream media WON’T do.

While we wait for someone to grow some, here is one of Snarkista’s favorite Switchfootsongs called, of course, Politicians. Hint: It ain’t a love song.
This is a crazy video version of the song… blame Padme? Star Wars definitely has it’s share of politicians. Do check out Switchfoot Dan’s version too. It’s pretty fab. And to all of you Politicians: stop playing shifty with us. And don’t fiddle around while Russia cranks the Cold War right back up. Y’all keep an eye on Poland too, ‘cuz it’s about to get REAL chilly. Fire it up, boys.