Girls Aloud To Star In Show Based On Simon Cowell

British girl band Girls Aloud is coming to the small screen. Snarkista’s favorite Fab Five are going to star in a drama series titled “The Secret World Of Sam King.”

The series, created by record label Universal Records, will be shown exclusively to users of UK teen social networking site Bebo, and will base its main character on American Idol judge Simon Cowell! The series will be focused on the early days of his career in the music business, showing his brilliance at spotting new talents just like Simon did during his youth.

Girls Aloud are ALL about the camp, which is one reason Snarkista adores them. Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh, and Nicola Roberts are said to be excited to take part on the project. A friend tells Brit Newspaper the Daily Star that:

They’re all really excited – it promises to be a lot of fun. They’ve made a lot of cool videos, and it’s no secret that several of the girls harbor ambitions to get into acting and this will prove a great showcase.

Too bad those of us on this side of the pond will initially have to watch on the net. The news does, however, give Snarkista the PERFECT excuse to repost her FAVE Girls Aloud video- for the song I Can’t Speak French. Take some notes, Trannycats!

Pete Wentz: Saving Music Videos

Pete Wentz must be one TIRED dude these days. He has his Fall Out Boys duties, pregnant wifey Ashlee Simpson, and now a gig with MTV. No, it’s not a reality show, thank the LORD. On Fridays this summer, Pete’s hosting “FNMTV,” (Friday Night MTV) a show that aims to take MTV back to its music video roots.

Newsweek’s Oscar Raymundo did a little Q&A with Pete, and Pete’s pretty funny! When asked how he got MTV to do a show with actual music videos, he said that “Most people pitch reality shows to them, like, ‘Check this out. My friend is going to live in a bucket for a week.’ It’s kind of a novel concept to have music videos.” Ha! Tragic but true!

Which artists may get played on his show? “We like to have at least one that you might not expect, like the Ting Tings or No Age.” Oscar digs deeper: “So not, like, the Pussycat Dolls.” Pete allows that “Obviously, you have to deal with the network. MTV has given me full access to their video vaults. I’m allowed to play a couple of videos that I just want to play.” Wow. That’s REALLY nice of MTV. Pete says if he played one of Ashlee’s videos, he’d probably play La La, although he thinks that Invincible had the best direction.

Pete says that the reason he owns bars in New York and Chicago is that most of his friends aren’t famous people, and it’s hard for him to talk his way into getting them into the clubs. So, he said it was more fun to make his own club! On not going out much:

I could, but don’t really like to anymore. A lot of times it feels like you’re the nocturnal animal in the zoo, and it’s 12 noon and there’s a group of schoolkids staring at you, asking why you aren’t dancing and eating bananas.

Pete says the thing he misses most about being single are the ants in his house (!), because he ate Pop-Tarts in bed. Ashlee’s wisely put a stop to that. Oscar didn’t avoid the elephant in the room, and asked Pete if he missed making out with guys. Pete says:

This is what is going to be put on my tombstone, ’cause I said it, like, one time. But no, I will not miss it.

Here’s hoping Pete CAN save music videos, and prove to MTV that there ARE people out here who actually like them instead of shows about people living in a bucket.

Big Brooke Hogan Wants To Knock You Out

Big Brooke Hogan made an appearance at Mansion nightclub in Miami over the weekend for the premiere of her new TV show Brooke Knows Best. Brooke performed Trannycat-style with her all-girl back-up band The Knockouts.

Quite a set of fluffy girls with PLENTY of junk in the trunk! Brooke’s the one in the sparkly red panties and the black corset that’s desperately trying to hang on. She’s also rockin’ the Michael Jackson “one-glove”. This is pretty much soft-core wrestle-porn.

Here’s Brooke skanking it up while daddy Hulk watches! Horf!!

Pussycat Dolls Coming To Skank Up Nashville Star

Holy crap. The Trannycats are coming to Nashville. Snarkista may have to leave town until the street cleaners have finished. NBC has decided that the trannys are JUST what Nashville Star needs for “pop week”. Why there’s a “pop week” on Nashville Star is beyond me, this is a show specifically aimed at COUNTRY MUSIC. Hello? And of all of the zillions of acts available for a pop week, why in the HELL pick the skanksters? The show already has a street cred problem.

You know the ‘cats are gonna sing that heinous new single “When I Grow Up” which is an homage to self-promotion, bling, groupies and garter belts. Exactly what the country demographic is hot for right now! NBC is insane. Monday night’s show is gonna get them a ton of attention, and most of it’s gonna be bad. The show’s move to NBC was supposed to be a step up. It may become it’s step OUT.

Amy Winehouse A Pussycat Doll?

Ahahahahaha!! The Pussycat Dolls have been smoking some of Amy Winehouse’s crack! They wanna sex up Amy and make her into a Doll! This would be one of the all-time biggest attempts at a makeover EVER!
How are they gonna get Amy to dance like a trannycat when she’s got the Wino shake down perfect?

Whomever is in charge of makeup better start taking antibiotics NOW. Have you seen Amy’s face? She’s been warned she may get GANGRENE up in it if it gets dirty. Keeping Amy’s face clean is harder than keeping a baby’s butt clean. Actually, a baby’s butt stays a LOT cleaner than Amy’s oozing sores! At least the trannys aren’t overreaching for beauty, because Amy would make Nicole Scherzinger look like a real woman. Wait a minute… Genius! Nicole says:

We would love to hook up with Amy. I am not sure what Amy thinks of us but I think we can make something sexy that will sell.

Amy doesn’t think about the trannycats, because Amy’s brain is on auto-crack. I’m sure she’d let them into her apartment, though.