National Enquirer Exposes Queen Latifah Stripper Party Lesbian Bash

Queen Latifah is apparently a girl who knows how to party – with strippers! Queen Latifah allegedly enjoyed quite a wild night in recently with a group of ‘close’ lady friends and a very curvy female stripper.


According to a report by the National Enquirer, Queen Latifah and a group of female friends engaged in some serious adult fun at a townhouse in New Jersey. In addition to drinking and party games, the girls also enjoyed the full frontal nude pleasures of their own personal stripper, an unidentified source told the tabloid. These parties are allegedly a regular affair and supposedly the ladies get so worked up that some of them hook up with each other and get busy right then and there. Whew!

Rumors about Queen Latifah’s sexuality are nothing new. Latifah has long been speculated to be a so-called Hollywood lesbian, which means she’s out to friends, possibly family and certainly most of the Los Angeles celebrity community, but not out to the public. Queen Latifah is allegedly involved with her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, with whom she is nearly inseparable.

No word on whether Jeanette was partying with the rest of the girls this particular night, but if she wasn’t – we bet she’s going to be having a few choice words with her supposed lady love Queen. If they are actually a couple, of course.  We don’t judge. Straight girls can enjoy a nice night of watching nude dancing girls if they like too!