Randy Moss Retires But Not Everyone Believes Him

After 13 seasons in the NFL, Randy Moss retires after not getting the offers for this year he had hoped for, but is he really gone for good? Some aren’t so sure the wide receiver is really bent on retiring just yet.

Randy Moss - Source: Wikimedia.org

During his last season, Randy Moss played on three different teams. The New England Patriots bounced him over to the Minnessota Vikings, who eventually dumped him on the Tennessee Titans. By the end of the season, Randy Moss’s career was definately at a serious low point.

On Monday, Rany Moss announced through his agent that he had chosen to retire rather than take any of the offers he received to play this year. “Randy has weighed his options and considered the offers and has decided to retire,” agent Joel Segal said in a press statement.

Randy Moss was reportedly hoping he would be picked up by the New York Jets, but the team decided to choose prison meat Plaxico Burress instead. How does it feel to be beaten out by a guy who hasn’t even played in two years? Moss also would have reportedly considred returning to the New England Patriots, but they weren’t interested in having him back.

“He’s such a competitor and wanted to go back. However, he wanted to go back in certain places,” Segal told ESPN about the decision to retire. “He wanted to be on a championship team in his mind.”

Moss’s former teammate, Robert Smith, isn’t so sure the wide receiver is really giving up on the NFL forever. “He’s a guy with some pride, and more than anything else in the past few years he’s thinking about his legacy,” Smith said on ESPN. “I would be completely surprised if he was actually retired.”

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports says Randy Moss is just reacting badly to not getting what he wanted. “In three weeks, when Moss gets bored and annoyed that nobody is all that broken up about his retirement, he’ll return,” Cole said. “That’s my bet, although I hope I’m wrong.”