Celebrity Twins: Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O’Connell Edition

Wow. The stars are REALLY gonna have to step it up now! No longer is ONE baby enough to get the most press, as J.Lo and Angelina Jolie have raised the bar. You’ve gotta have at least two at a time!

Rebecca Romijn is pregnant with twin girls! She and hubby Jerry O’Connell just celebrated their one-year anniversary on July 15th, but it looks like their two big gifts will arrive closer to Christmas time! Rebecca and Jerry met at a bash in 2004 and he proposed a year later. A source close to the actor told Us magazine, “Jerry couldn’t be happier about becoming a dad.”

Earlier this month, O’Connell told the mag that they had been trying to have kids. We’ll have to wait and see if the first pictures of the twins will bring more than pictures of a single baby. Congratulations to the lucky couple!