Oscar de la Hoya in rehab

Boxer Oscar de la Hoya has checked himself into a rehab facility, and in fact he has already been there for a few weeks, according to his reps.  The move has been seen as a precautionary measure, as de la Hoya was not yet completely out of control but didn’t want things to get to that point.

According to friends, alcohol and cocaine abuse had lead to some infidelity issues, and when it came down to choosing between drugs and his marriage, de la Hoya chose his marriage, and went into rehab.  He is expected to stay in the inpatient facility where he’s at for a minimum of several months, until he deals with all the issues he’s having resisting temptations of all kinds.

Courtney and Kelly: sticks and stones

Okay, here’s what happened: Kelly Osbourne called Courtney Love a crackhead on national television.  “What’s wrong with that?” I hear you ask.  Well, I suppose truth is an absolute defense, so Kelly does have that going for her, but Courtney didn’t take it too well.

She admitted to having drug issues, but Love said that Kelly has no room to talk, as she saved Kelly’s life on two occasions, giving her CPR when she had overdosed.  Thus began the Twitter war of each side saying she felt sorry for the other, ending with Courtney trying to take the less-low road by stepping away from the feud and wishing Kelly well.  That probably won’t be the end of it, though.

Kelly Osbourne puts her recovery on pause

Rehab veteran Kelly Osbourne did some heavy partying this weekend, bar-hopping with friends and drinking more than her share of beer and tequila.  Kelly, as we all know, has an embarrassing history with drugs and alcohol, and has spent quite a lot of time in and out of rehab, allegedly to try to get control of her problem.

So to see her out drinking heavily like it’s no big deal is saddening.  It’s very reminiscent of Lindsay Lohan‘s old pattern: treat rehab as a fun vacation and then just go right back to partying afterward.  Maybe Lindsay can give Kelly some tips on how to stay sober for good.

Demi Lovato out of rehab and looking better

Young actress and pop star Demi Lovato has just got out of her first rehab treatment, and it looks like she’s doing the smart thing and taking it slowly.  She originally went into rehab after she got in a fight with one of her backup dancers and generally showed a lack of self-control.

Citing anger and emotional issues, she volunteered to go into treatment.  Judging from how she looks now, rehab did her some good – she seems happy and settled, and she’s taking some time off working to get back into a regular routine.  Smart move.  Too much stress too soon would take her right back to where she was before.

Lindsay Lohan turning rehab into an attention-fest

Not that this should be surprising, but instead of spending her time in rehab concentrating on, oh, I don’t know, recovering from her addictions, Lindsay Lohan has decided to focus on her financial woes, and is staging photo shoots inside the facility so that she can sell the snaps to the highest bidder.  Pictures of LiLo fetch a pretty penny these days, and since she can’t seem to stay working long enough to complete an entire movie, peddling pictures of herself has taken the place of almost all her other income. Friends are said to be concerned that, as usual, Lindsay is not thinking about the long-term implications of her actions.  If she really wants to sort her finances out for more than just the next couple of weeks, she’d be better off taking rehab seriously and getting herself well enough that she can go back to working full-time as an actress, instead of grasping at straws while she continues alternating between jail and court.

Lindsay Lohan chooses rehab, surprise surprise

After the drama over the weekend with no bail, and then bail after all, and then her third SCRAM alcohol-detection bracelet, it appears Lindsay Lohan has now chosen to go into a substance rehab program of her own free will.  Although just about everyone welcomes this news, the timing may suggest that the decision was not entirely about Lohan’s concern for her own well-being, and may have more to do with a tactical move to help her court case.

According to Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, he has been encouraging his daughter to check into a facility voluntarily – not particularly for the purpose of recovery from her addictions, but rather to impress the judge in her probation revocation hearing that she’s serious about turning her life around.  It seems that if Lindsay does actually get better in rehab, that’ll just be a welcome side effect, a happy accident.  The main goal seems to be to keep her out of jail so that hopefully she can get back to work and start paying off her growing mountain of legal costs.

Lindsay Lohan, now Paris Hilton: It’s blonde party girl week in court

After Lindsay Lohan‘s revelation that she will be appearing in court later this week to face up to the consequences of her failed drug test (most likely jail time), Paris Hilton managed to weasel out of similar trouble by flat-out admitting to what she’d done.  Hilton pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of cocaine possession, and also admitted that she’d lied to police about having the drug.  As a result of owning up, she has managed to avoid going to jail, and instead has been sentenced to one year of probation, 200 hours of community service, a $2,000 fine, and a rehab program.  The probation is no biggie as long as she keeps her, uh, nose clean.  The fine is less than she tips the waitress, so I suspect that’s already paid.  the rehab program is probably going to be weekly meetings of some sort, and hopefully those wont be too difficult to keep up with.  But the community service… I’m imagining miss princess picking up trash on the side of the road, and I’ll admit to my cold, black heart jumping with joy at the thought.  We’ll see what the judge orders.