Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Sounds Like Fun!

Lindsay Lohan is going to have such a terribly tough time during her house arrest. We feel so badly for her! She will be forced to paint, read scripts, lounge around at her pool and possibly even make more arty short films where she pouts in a bikini. The horror!

Lindsay Lohan - Source: Wikimedia Commons

Yes, Lindsay Lohan’s imprisonment sounds like most people’s wet dream. Perhaps her punishment might be more effective if she was put under house arrest in a city housing project? Or possibly on a farm in rural somewhere without TV, cellphone signal or the Internet? Well, she will probably miss her new short film by Richard Phillips playing at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City from June 1st to 5th. How sad to miss your own film debut! Or is it? You can decide that one for yourself…

No, instead, Linday Lohan has stocked up on canvases, accoring to, so she can paint while she’s under house lockup and reportedly has a whole stack of scripts to go through.

Linday is pretty sure she’ll be released from house arrest before her July 2nd birthday, but until then she’ll be enjoying her sentence at her own personal spa vacation spot — her multi-million dollar home.