Hugh Hefner defends Ricky Gervais

In this day and age when every celebrity seems to get butthurt over the slightest joke at their expense, it’s good to see that some people still have an old-school attitude toward comedy.  Hugh Hefner and his fiancée Crystal Harris were on the receiving end of a Ricky Gervais joke the other night at the Golden Globes, but instead of being outraged, Hef took it in his stride and accepted the jabs as part of a fun evening.

Hefner’s Twitter stream didn’t indicate any animosity toward Gervais, as he tweeted, “the Golden Globes was a blast. They made fun of everyone, including Crystal & me. A great night.”  He went on to say that when you lead the kind of public life that he has led, the jokes come with that, and you just have to accept it.  Well said.