Ricky Martin Nude for New Concert Comeback Video

Ricky Martin took it all off for a new video clip promoting his upcoming comeback concert tour. Martin, who recently came out as gay, goes nude in the video, but keeps it classy. The video is revealing rather than racy and we love the simplicity and minimalism of the promo.

Ricky Martin 'My Skin Talks' (YouTube screenshot)
Ricky Martin 'My Skin Talks' (YouTube screenshot)

The two-minute video titled “My Skin Talks” was directed by Martin’s friend Dago Gonzales. In the Ricky Martin nude video, the singer is shown naked in various positions on a white lit floor. Digital tattoo messages slowly appear on his skin with inspirational phrases such as “find yourself” and “forgive” in Spanish writhing over his body.

The nude video was shot as a promo for Martin’s new Black & White tour. Martin posted a link to the video on his Twitter feed.

We like it. Not only do we get to see a whole lot of Ricky Martin’s gorgeous bod, but we also feel a real emotional connection to the message he is trying to evoke in the video. Coming out as gay, after so many years of struggle to come to grips with his sexual identity, was a rebirth for Martin and this video is an artful tribute to that.

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