Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder Headline Bonnaroo Day 2

Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder tore up the main stage last night for day 2 of the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. Around 70,000 people were reportedly in attendence at Bonnaroo for Staruday’s final main-stage show.

Jay-Z at Bonnaroo Music Festival
Jay-Z at Bonnaroo Music Festival

“Wait till I tell my mom Stevie Wonder stayed for my set!” Jay-Z yelled to the crowd before tearing into a 90-minute set on the main stage at Bonnaroo. Stevie Wonder, who played a two-hour set before Jay-Z, did indeed stay to check out Jay-Z’s performance. Although several high profile cameos were speculated for the set, the only guest on stage during Jay-Z’s set was Bridget Kelly, who stepped in on “Empire State of Mind”.

Meanwhile, over at the Bonnaroo comedy tent, Conan O’Brien joked with the crowd that he loves “nothing more than doing comedy in a tent at one in the afternoon for people who haven’t slept for two days.” O’Brien’s appearance at the Bonnaroo music festival marked the first time the comedian has ever performed at a festival. Fans reportedly started lining up at 5 AM to see the former Tonight Show host.

Other notable highlights from Saturday at Bonnaroo included reggae legend Jimmy Cliff having a serious blast on stage at 62 and Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo gifting the crowd with a Lady Gaga impersonation during the band’s set.

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Weezer Cancels Tour after Frontman Rivers Cuomo Injured in Bus Crash

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was injured on Sunday after the band’s tour bus slid on a patch of ice and crashed. Cuomo cracked three ribs and the band’s assistant, Sarah Kim, suffered two fractured ribs and a cracked vertebrae. Weezer has since announced the cancellation of the rest of their 2009 tour following the accident.

Weezer SF

A tour bus carrying the band skidded on an ice patch Sunday morning, struck a guide rail and crashed into a ditch. Weezers frontman Rivers Cuomo and assistant Sarah Kim were hospitalized following the tour bus accident. According to a report from St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam, NY, Cuomo sustained three cracked ribs and “mostly minor but very painful internal damage,” as well as an injury to his leg.

The band was traveling to Boston for a show on Monday night to promote their latest album, Raditude. Cuomo’s wife and 2-year-old daughter were also on board, but escaped injury. No one else was injured in the crash.

Karl Koch, a friend of the band, posted a description of the chaos caused by the crash on the Weezer website. “The interior of the bus was a chaotic mess with broken glass, smashed glasses and plates, food and clothing items strewn everywhere…” he wrote. “On top of it the sliding interior doors were fused shut and the bus’s electronics were ruined, so no one could get into the back lounge where Rivers lay immobile and unable to speak due to the pain in his ribcage. To top it off, the front door was jammed shut with 5 feet of heavy wet mud up pressed against it so there was no way to leave the bus.”

A message posted on the band’s website Monday announced Weezer would be cancelling their remaining 2009 tour dates. The band said it would attempt to reschedule the dates at a later time. We haven’t found any photos from the bus crash out there so far, but we’re sure they’ll pop up eventually. We’ve heard it was quite a scary looking scene!

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