Oops! Rob Lowe Is Really Unorganized!

Rob Lowe, who as we all know is suing a former nanny for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement, now can’t find the document! Former Nanny Jessica Gibson, 24, denies ever signing such an agreement, and has asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit after one of Lowe’s attorneys admitted the document is “missing”! Holy filing clerk, somebody’s been trashing their work in “the master file” and billing ya for working! Sucks, huh!

“In effect, Ms. Gibson has been sued for breach of a nonexistent contract,” says her dismissal motion, filed Thursday in Santa Barbara, Calif. “The Lowes set out to punish Ms. Gibson … and intimidate any and all who might want to assert (their rights),” the motion says.

Lowe’s attorney Larry Stein would only say, “We’ll be responding to this in court, which is the appropriate way.” A source close to Rob insists that “Everyone who works for Rob knows that confidentiality agreements must be signed. There are plenty people who can verify that Jessica signed one. But after her employment ended, the papers went missing.” Righto! Line up all of Rob’s buddies to say they SAW Nanny Jessica sign something! GREAT strategy!!

On April 14, Gibson countersued Rob and his wife Sheryl for sexual harassment, claiming he groped her and exposed himself. On April 30, a second nanny, Laura Boyce, also filed suit for harassment. Remember way back when Rob was getting in trouble with a sex tape that showed Rob and an underage girl gettin’ busy? It looks like pretty boy hasn’t changed much. Seems the only lesson he learned was to look at some ID before unleashing his inner horndog.

The next hearing on the case is set for June 19. Better take another look through the files, Rob, and forgery ISN’T a great idea. Computers have a fun way of dating all kinds of shizz that you probably don’t know how to alter. Not that you would do that.