George Stephanopoulos Will Co-Host ‘Good Morning America’

Former White House aide George Stephanopoulos has signed on as the new co-host of Good Morning America. Stephanopoulos will replace Diane Sawyer, who is moving to take over the reins of ABC’s World News Tonight from Charles Gibson.

George Stephanopoulos
George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos will start his run on Good Morning America on Monday, co-hosting with ABC news journalist JuJu Chang. This pretty much leaves former GMA correspondent Chris Cuomo without a chair to sit in. Cuomo may move to 20/20 as a co-anchor, but no official plans have been announced yet.

We’re wondering if he’s feeling a bit miffed at being passed over for Stephanopoulos. Plus, we’re not really looking forward to Stephanopoulos as a co-host on GMA. His eyebrows are too distracting.

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts and meteorologist Sam Champion are expected to remain in place. An official announcement from ABC about the shake-up on Good Morning America is expected on Thursday.

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Janet Jackson Says Dr. Conrad Murray Killed Michael Jackson

In an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, Janet Jackson says she believes Dr. Conrad Murray was responsible for her brother’s death. Murray worked as Michael Jackson‘s personal physician and has admitted to giving propofol to the late pop icon, but denies responsibility for his death. Jackson died from acute propofol intoxication, according to the L. A. Coroner’s Office.


“He was the one that was administering,” Janet Jackson said of Dr. Conrad Murray. “I think he is responsible.” The interview with ABC is the first time Janet Jackson has spoken out publicly at length about the death of her brother.

“It’s been a tough year,” Jackson told Robin Roberts. “You have your days where it’s just really, it’s hard to believe. And a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him.” Jackson said her and the rest of the family were in shock when they heard the news Michael Jackson had died.

“It just didn’t ring true to me. It felt like a dream,” Jackson said. “It’s still so difficult for me to believe. It’s, you know, you have to accept what is. But it’s hard.”

Janet Jackson’s interview will air on ABC on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

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