‘2012’ Blows Up Competition at the Box Office

Director Roland Emmerich‘s doomsday film 2012 was a disaster at the box office over the weekend – for the competition, that is. 2012 opened this weekend with a $65 million debut, taking number one in the box office charts easily. Jim Carrey‘s A Christmas Carol, which came in second, earned only a measly $22.3 million in comparison.


Emmerich is hardly new to the sweet success of epic disaster films, having already landed several huge hits with Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Although 2012 has it’s issues, the film is a seriously fun ride to watch, so we’ll even forgive Emmerich for that horrible 10,000 B.C. movie. Stick to the disaster flicks sir, it’s obviously your bread and butter.


2012 reportedly earned an additional $160 million overseas, bringing its box office total so far to a whopping $225 million worldwide. Which is good news for Sony, which reportedly spent around $200 million to make the movie and tens of millions more to market.

Cable network FX has already acquired the TV rights to the film and plan to air it – appropriately – in the beginning of 2012.

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