Madonna Wants To Play Most Hated Woman In England

Madonna is reportedly dying to make another movie, OBVIOUSLY not because of any past cinematic successes. No, Vadge loves anything that involves a camera (with Photoshop.) Her latest obsession is to play Wallis Simpson, at one time the most hated woman in England…because former Prince of Wales Edward VIII abdicated the throne for her in 1936.

Wallis was an American socialite, a commoner, who had an affair with the Prince before marrying him and keeping him smitten for life. For some reason, Madonna sees similarities between herself and Simpson, according to The Sun.

The throne-wrecker has been played by Faye Dunaway, Cynthia Harris and Joely Richardson in past dramatizations of her story. “A friend” of Vadge’s (that should narrow down the source considerably) says she sees Wallis as her next big film project. Supposedly she is as passionate about it as she was about playing Eva Peron in Evita. Sayeth the “friend”:

“Madonna said she is fascinated about this American commoner who refused to conform or offer explanations for her tangled love life.”

Despite these obvious similarities between the two, they still won’t bestow any acting ability on Madonna. Good luck getting this brilliance financed in THIS economy!

Prince Harry Is Back On The Market

Well, it doesn’t look like there will be a royal wedding anytime soon for the spare-heir Prince Harry, as he and long-time girlfriend Chelsy Davy have split. The 5-year long relationship was a long distance one, Chelsy’s from South Africa and in school, and Harry’s in the British military. Chelsy confirmed the relationship’s demise on her Facebook, where she altered her profile to read: “Relationship: Not in One.”

Broken-hearted Chelsy ended the relationship after tiring of her prince’s playboy ways, according to the Telegraph UK. Her friends say she felt “betrayed” by Harry’s flirting addiction.

One source in particular was quoted as saying:

“She has simply had enough. They have been going through what she calls a ‘rough patch’ and she didn’t see the point in going on.

“There has been talk of other girls – but Harry denied it. Chelsy felt it was time to call it a day.”

So, girls, the economy stinks and a young, rich prince is newly available. You do the math!

Will Prince William Finally Pop The Question To Kate Middleton?

Prince William’s longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, turns 27 today, and the media is abuzz with speculation that the prince might use the occasion to finally pop the big question. British tabs are waiting with bated breath for an engagement announcement, and have dubbed Middleton as “Waitie Katie.” The prince will be hard-pressed to top last year’s birthday surprise to the lovely Kate…flying a military helicopter to her house and landing on her yard. When he wasn’t certified to fly it!

Kate and William have been dating for a long 6 years, and their relationship has British bookies hedging bets on the couple’s engagement. Odds for an engagement announcement sometime in 2009 have shortened from 6-4 to 1-2 in the last few weeks, reports Agence France-Presse (AFP). Gotta like those odds, Kate. Hang in there! You know Paris Hilton’s odd’s are like a gazillion-to-one, even though she likes to tell herself they’re much better. Ain’t no way the Queen’s gonna tolerate THAT skank.

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