Scarlett and Sean not even trying to hide it anymore

She denied it when she started seeing Sean Penn just a few weeks after splitting up with (now ex)husband Ryan Reynolds, she denied anything was going on when the two of them took a luxury secret vacation in Mexico, and she denied it yet again when she and Sean moved in together, but now it seems Scarlett Johansson has finally given up trying to make it seem like she and Sean aren’t a couple.

The two were seen out recently holding hands, and they’ve been having meals at restaurants and kissing across the table.  Just to put things in perspective, Sean has a son who is a mere six years younger than Scarlett.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that… just sayin.

Scarlett Johansson may or may not be dating Sean Penn

Recently separated actress Scarlett Johansson has been friends for many years with actor Sean Penn, but a recent surge in the frequency of their meetings has some speculating that they may be dating.  Johansson was said to be devastated when her soon-to-be ex, Ryan Reynolds, was seen in the company of Sandra Bullock only one week after the separation.

Scarlett herself has not been able to muster the strength to date yet.  Or has she?  Lots of different reasons have been given for Scarlett spending time with Sean Penn.  Not only are they friends, but Penn has been living in Haiti and Charlotte is planning on traveling there.  Rumor has it that Charlotte may simply be asking Sean for travel tips.

Scarlett and Ryan have an emotional dinner

Attorney’s offices are so cold and impersonal, so it’s understandable that Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson chose to discuss details of their divorce over a friendly dinner instead.  The two were seen at Chateau Marmont earlier this week, having an intense discussion that involved both smiles and tears.

Friends say that this is not an attempt at reconciliation, but rather just the nicest possible way to work through a divorce.  Both Scarlett and Ryan have agreed that with their career obligations, continuing marriage simply isn’t on the cards.  The two began drifting apart last year when work forced them to spend weeks apart at a time.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock getting suspiciously close

Ryan Reynolds has only been separated from Scarlett Johansson for a few weeks, but already he’s been spotted on more than a few occasions getting cozy with his close friend, actress Sandra Bullock.  Everyone around the couple says that it’s all above the table and that there’s no funny business… yet.

After all, it would be kind of hypocritical for Sandra to get involved with a married man after the devastation of what her ex-husband did to her when they were married, but once those divorce papers are signed, that might be the green light these two need to start getting busy.  I think they’d make a cute couple, and since they’re both (almost) single… why not?

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson split up

After two less-than-stellar years of marriage, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson have finally admitted that it just isn’t working, and the 26-year-old actress has filed for divorce.  The couple had been involved in marital drama almost from the moment they tied the knot, and their personality differences turned out to be something they just couldn’t weather.

It has been reported that Scarlett was unhappy for a while, and that it didn’t help matters that both spouses were working full-time on separate projects throughout the duration of their marriage, often spending weeks apart while on location and never really having time to work on their relationship issues.  Same old Hollywood story!