Weird News: Why Was Sammy Sosa Bleached?

Anyone who has seen photos or video of retired baseball star Sammy Sosa recently has probably noticed he looks, well, very different lately. In fact, it appears Sammy Sosa bleached his skin about five shades lighter than it used to be!


When Sammy Sosa appeared at the Latin Grammy Awards last week in Las Vegas, fans were a bit shocked to see the former baseball star looking very – to put this is a totally non-PC way – white. Like, white in a Michael Jackson sort of way. Rumors quickly began spreading that Sammy Sosa was bleaching his skin to appear lighter.

Turns out, however, Sammy Sosa allegedly didn’t mean to lose his creamy coffee-colored looks. Apparently Sosa is going through a “rejuvenation process” for his skin and the results were a bit unexpected. Former Cubs employee Rebecca Polihronis told the Chicago Tribune Sosa was “surprised when he came out looking so white.” She added Sosa decided to do the skin rejuvenation because of sun damage from all those years of playing baseball in the sun. He is “not trying to be Michael Jackson,” Polihronis said.

Some folks don’t want to let the whole black-to-white skin color transition go, however, noting that Sosa also appears to now be wearing green contact lenses quite often to lighten his eyes.

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