George Clooney: Always A Groomsman, Never A Groom

George Clooney didn’t just break off his romance with Sarah Larson — he did it abruptly, leaving the former cocktail waitress shocked, heartbroken and moving back to Las Vegas, friends of the former couple told Fox News. To add insult to injury, the papz snapped some pics on Thursday of a potential NEW Clooney babe at his Lake Cuomo villa! Poor deluded Sarah. A friend says:

She thought they were getting married. Instead, she got dumped. She’s really upset. Devastated.

Larson had to pack her bags and do the walk of shame out of Clooney’s LA mansion. The 29-year-old ran to Las Vegas, where she’d worked at the Palms Casino Hotel before Clooney swooped in a year ago.

Less than a month ago, the couple were in New York celebrating the actor’s 47th birthday. They were “taking it slow”, but they were planning to eventually wed, they told friends at the time. Girl- you fell for that tired old shizz from Clooney? Obviously you didn’t study your Clooney history. The “taking it slow” clue went right over your head.

“She’s totally heartbroken and doesn’t deserve this,” a friend said. “It came out of nowhere. They had made all these plans.” Translation: SARAH made a bunch of plans and Clooney got wind of them.

What’s WORSE is this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar has a feature on Larson titled: “It Girl: Sarah Larson. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful, fearless … and dates George Clooney.” Even MORE painful is the interview, where Larson blabs on about Georgie being the love of her life. Honey, you might as well have gotten a tat with George’s name on it. Clooney probably read the advance copy and seized up with his usual matrimonial phobia.

Georgie’s only been married once, in 1989 to actress Talia Balsam (when Sarah was 10). Since his divorce in 1993, Clooney has SWORN he’ll never remarry. Did working in Vegas teach you NOTHING sweetie? The odds of bagging Clooney are virtualy nil. Reports are out that he’s been dating another chick for SEVERAL MONTHS. Georgie’s gonna be 80 years old, single, rocking on the porch of his villa, and still be pulling a Hefner on some pretty, dumb young things.