Reality TV disaster down under

The Australia’s Next Top Model finale has made headlines today in the northern hemisphere – not because of the models themselves, but because of Sarah Murdoch, the host of the reality TV show, who announced that the winner was Kelsey Martinovich.  Only problem was, the actual winner was Amanda Ware, the other finalist.  The mistaken announcement happened on live television, with millions and millions of viewers watching.  Here’s how it went down: Murdoch was given some information from one of the producers, via an earpiece she was wearing.  She announced Martinovich as the winner, and then after a few moments of tearful celebration, Sarah Murdoch gasped, the entire audience fell silent, and suddenly she made the painful announcement that there had been a “miscommunication” between her and the producer feeding her the information about the winner.  She had announced the wrong name.  Yikes.  The rest was about as awkward as you can imagine.  It’s probably going to go down in history as the worst reality TV blooper ever, or maybe the most cleverly organized PR stunt ever.