Bristol Palin situation takes a nasty turn

Just when you thought things with Bristol Palin couldn’t get any uglier, she’s taking a new round of fire from celebrities and colleagues alike, and she’s attempting to give as good as she gets.  Both Kathy Griffin and DWTS co-star Margaret Cho have taken recent punches at Palin, with Griffin calling her “the white Precious,” and Cho accusing Sarah Palin of forcing her daughter to go on the show.

Even DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba has gone on the record as saying that one dose of a Palin was enough for the show, and that the controversy Bristol brought is not something they’d likely invite in again.  Bristol’s response?  Well, she’s only responded to Margaret Cho so far, and the most clever thing she could come up with was a gay joke.  Wow.  You stay classy, Bristol!