McCain Calls Obama A Decent Man, Obama Supporters Call Palin A Cunt

Yep, I said it. (Sorry if you choked on your morning coffee.) Too many of my fellow media purveyors won’t (or can’t) go there. I hate the “C” word with a passion. Apparently, however, Sarah Palin’s protesters love it. Here are the pictures from the Philadelphia protest the other day against Palin that the mainstream media won’t fully show you, and I’m NOT blacking anything out. I SERIOUSLY doubt if Hillary Clinton had been a nominee that you’d be seeing any crap like this. This shizz has got to stop.

McCain has repeatedly had the guts NOT to take the bait from some of his angry supporters when he could have gotten down in the dirt about Obama. Instead, he called him a decent, family man, with whom he differs. He defended Obama against some of the questioners in his audiences.

Obama, however, has not denounced any of THESE stunts, which are sadly quite common. Aren’t we better than this? All I’ve seen from McCain rallies are people in goofy hats, or dressed in every variation of an American flag, or wearing a shirt picturing a pig wearing lipstick.

Yes, people are angry on both sides of this extremely important decision. But if a McCain supporter is going to be called a racist for his or her vote, that doesn’t help our country. If an Obama supporter is going to be classified as a friend of terrorists, that doesn’t help our country. If we don’t get it together pretty damn fast, we are going to have serious problems AS a country after the election. Our country has enough on it’s freaking plate as it is. We have to live together after this is over. Grow up, people.