Sarah Palin likely making a bad career decision

There’s a lot of debate right now as to whether Sarah Palin’s Alaska will be coming back for a second season, and because the answer is definitely leaning toward “no,” sources are saying this means that Palin has chosen politics over a likely more lucrative career as a television spokesperson.  The show has been very popular, and TLC would happily renew the contract if Palin were to decide to continue.

TLC is making the excuse that the series was never meant to be continuing, that it was more like an extended miniseries of sorts, but the rumor is that Palin herself has called an end to it because she believes she has a chance at becoming president in 2012.  Go on, try to read that out loud with a straight face.

Alaskan camping not Kate Gosselin’s cup of tea

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is not something I’d normally tune in to watch, but when Kate Gosselin shows up, you know there’s bound to be ridiculous drama there, so I made an exception.  I wasn’t disappointed!  Gosselin made a complete fool of herself right from the beginning, agreeing to the camping trip knowing that it was in Alaska, and then complaining the entire time that it was… a camping trip in Alaska.

She whined that her toes were cold, she whined about being bitten by bugs, she whined about the lack of paper towels, and then in true Gosselin style, she gave up even before the day was out and took the kids back to the airport, despite the fact that everyone aside from Kate was having a great time.  For someone who really needs to improve her public image, she’s heading completely in the opposite direction.

Will Sarah Palin Show Us Where to See Russia from Her House?

Former vice-presidential candidate and Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has been confirmed as the host of a new reality series to air on TLC. Discovery Communications announced Thursday that Sarah Palin’s Alaska would be broadcast as an eight-part series on TLC. 

Sarah Palin (Photo: Therealbs2002 - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Sarah Palin (Photo: Therealbs2002 - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“Our family enjoys Discovery’s networks,” Sarah Palin said in a press statement. “I look forward to working with Mark [Burnett] to bring the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans.” Mark Burnett, who produced the reality shows Survivor and The Apprentice, will helm the new reality show as executive producer.

No air date has yet been set for the series. That’s okay though, because we really don’t give a damn. The only reason we’d tune in is if Sarah Palin plans on showing us exactly where she can see Russia from her house.

Whenever it airs, however, we solemly beg Tina Fey to bring her Sarah Palin impersonation to Saturday Night Live once again. There is just SO much about this whole gig that deserves some delicious mocking by the 30 Rock queen.

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Do We Really Want a Sarah Palin Reality Series?

Former vice-presidential candidate and Alaskan governor Sarah Palin is reportedly close to signing a deal to host her own new reality show. Palin has been shopping around the nature-themed reality series to various networks and Variety reports she may have finally landed a network willing to pay over $1 million per episode for the show.

Sarah Palin (Photo: Therealbs2002 - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Sarah Palin (Photo: Therealbs2002 - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The travelogue reality show, tentatively called Sarah Palin’s Alaska, has supposedly been purchased by Discovery Communications, according to a report in Variety. Palin allegedly met with a slew of networks while shopping around the series, including ABC, CBS and NBC. When none of them took the bait, Palin reportedly turned to the cable networks for a buyer. Bidding finally came down to A&E versus Discovery, with A&E eventually bowing out.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska will reportedly focus on the people, traditions, and natural wonders of the former governor turned Fox News analyst’s home state. No official announcement about a purchase of the series has come out so far from Discovery.

Here’s the thing. Sarah Palin pretty much bailed on the whole state of Alaska when she famously decided to quit her job as governor. Regardless of your political affiliations, does she really deserve to be given a job representing the ‘people and traditions’ of the state she abandoned mid-term?

Let’s not forget this is also the woman who is known for enjoying shooting and eating the wildlife of Alaska, not for wanting to preserve them and celebrate their natural glory. Come on, this is the lady who grinned during a Thanksgiving interview bit while turkeys were being slaughtered bloodily over her shoulder – and she’s going to host a “nature” series? Somebody stop the madness, please!

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