Arnold may have to pay Maria $200 million

If Maria Shriver chooses to file for divorce, and it looks like she’s leaning that way, Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be in a heap of financial trouble.  Shriver has been talking to famous divorce lawyer Laura Wasser about how to proceed, and if everything goes Maria’s way, she could be walking out of the marriage with a sum close to $200 million.

Although most sources seem to think that there was a prenuptial agreement between the two, the fact that they were married for 25 years and that the marriage was ended by infidelity will likely make the document irrelevant.  Of course, it’ll be up to a judge, but with Wasser and truth on her side, it looks like Maria can’t really go wrong.

Arnold and Maria still attending the same church

How awkward is this – apparently one of the things that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver haven’t worked out in their separation agreement is who will get custody of their church. St. Monica’s Catholic Church was the traditional Sunday venue for the family, and nothing has changed even after the separation.

Both Arnold and Maria showed up on Sunday, although they arrived separately and sat in separate areas of the church.  Attendees of the service said that the two spoke to each other briefly and it seemed friendly, but they did not sit together and they arrived and left in separate cars.  Maybe next time they could go together and take the carpool lane