Diddy Skirts A Sting

Sean P.Diddy Combs was scheduled to co-host a birthday party for DJ Clue at club M2 in New York Monday night with Kobe Bryant, after Kobe cleaned up in the Knicks/Lakers game where Kobe scored 61 points.

However, someone forgot to let the Didster know that the NYPD had an undercover gun crew that was searching guests as they came into the club! “Everyone wanted to make sure that the dozens of NBA stars in attendance would be safe”, according to the NY Post. More likely, everyone wanted to know that some athlete didn’t shoot himself in the leg, much less anyone else.

Diddy strolled around 1:45 a.m. with a six-man entourage. A witness said he “flipped out” when cops asked to search him and his friends.

“He went nuts, saying, ‘Why are you disrespecting me like this? Why are you doing this to me?’ During the commotion, one of his thugs slipped away, unsearched, back to the car.”

Diddy stormed off, and started texting DJ Clue wanting to get the scoop, and asking if he could go in the back entrance. No luck. The cops would have to search him and his friends there as well. Sooo… Diddy decided to skip the party. What’s up, P? Couldn’t ditch the heat you were packing anywhere? Have you pissed off so many people that you won’t go out without the Glock? Even with a carry permit, you can’t take that shizz into a club.

This isn’t Diddy’s first rodeo with hidden weapons and the cops. Back when he was dating Jennifer Lopez, a member of his entourage opened fire in a nightclub. A stolen pistol was found in one of Combs’ SUVs, but he was acquitted of gun-possession charges.

A rep for club M2 said “We always welcome the police to safeguard our patrons.”

Kobe had no problem with being patted down, and partied until 4 a.m. Smart wife Vanessa made sure that he was in the VIP area, where there were strict orders not to let any women in near him. Reportedly, Kobe was in SUCH a good mood that on his way out he left the waitresses a $2,000 tip.

Too bad you had to miss all the fun, Diddy.