ESPN NFL Analyst Sean Salisbury Fired – Loses His Mind

Former Vikings Quarterback Sean Salisbury decided to launch a flame-war against this week for ruining his reputation – to his extreme detriment and the vast humor of readers.


Let’s start with a brief bit of back story. Sean Salisbury was fired from ESPN allegedly because of a cell phone incident in which he supposedly showed a bunch of ESPN colleagues pictures of his penis – or so implied in an article on their website. Salisbury, naturally, denies the cell phone penis incident ever occurred, even though the website allegedly had a first-hand account of his digital tool-waving.

Then Sean Salisbury moved on to work for Dallas radio station 105.3 as a sports correspondent. Only to get fired yet again last week. The rumor has it from and other sources there was inappropriate conduct regarding an unidentified woman. However, the radio station has reportedly denied any wrong-doing on Salisbury’s part.

Well, Salisbury decided he was going to take out his raging anger over his career failures on the staff of Texting from his iPhone, Salisbury launched into an insane, rambling rant against the website, saying they had “lied and backstabbed me for the last time.”

The messages back and forth between and Sean Salisbury are just too priceless to be believed. We haven’t been so entertained in days. So we suggest you take a few moments from your busy work day (yeah, busy – we see you surfing the Net) and go read them for yourself.

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