Venus Williams French Open Outfit Wardrobe Malfunction

Venus Williams‘ French Open outfit on Sunday caused far more of a stir than her playing on the court. The tennis star wore a lingerie-inspired outfit at the French Open that looked like it belonged more in the pages of <em>Playboy</em> than the court!

Venus Williams at French Open
Venus Williams at French Open

The red & black lace lingerie outfit Venus Williams wore to the French Open left little to the imagination, looking far more like see-through underwear than any kind of sportswear. Not only that, but Venus Williams nearly suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction more than once when the straps of the naughty fashion confection kept slipping off her muscular shoulders.

Williams said in a press statement that she likes to bring eight to ten outfits to every tournament. She added that the French Open outfit was meant to be “about illusion… a lot of my motif this year.” Well, the illusion was almost too good with this outfit. Every time Williams flashed her stuff under that short skirt, it looked like she wasn’t wearing underwear at all!

Despite her rather racy attire, Venus Williams went on to trounce opponent Patty Schnyder 6-3 in the match. At least it’s nice to know she can still kick ass on the court even when her ass is hanging out all over.

Sorry Venus, but we’re calling this whole outfit one big fashion disaster and walking wardrobe malfunction!

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