Minka Kelly – aka someone you’ve never heard of – is the sexiest woman alive

Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” issue features Minka Kelly this time around, and after the cover image was revealed, a lot of people scratched their heads and said, “who?”  People have been complaining left and right that they don’t know have the slightest clue about this girl.  The surgical-technician-turned-actress has not had a lot of different or high-visibility roles, but she did play Lyla on Friday Night Lights, remember that show?  No, you never watched it?  Well, she was also Ricki on What I Like About You, did you watch that?  Still no?  Well, she’s also been on a few episodes of Parenthood, and if you’ve never watched that one either, then I got nothin’.  I barely recognize her myself, but I have to admit, she is pretty hot.