Shaun White Perfect Score Superpipe Run at 2012 Winter X-Games

Shaun White didn’t need to do well on his final run to close out the 2012 Winter X Games. The Olympic gold medalist snowboarder had already clinched the top spot with his first run. Perhaps knowing he already had the the Winter X Games 2012 gold medal in his pocket gave Shaun White the chill he needed to do the impossible with his third run — land a perfect Superpipe score of 100 points.

Proving once again why he is quite simply the most talented snowboarder on the planet, Shaun White nailed a perfect Superpipe score in the finals of the 2012 Winter X Games in his final run. No snowboarder has ever pulled a perfect Superpipe score at the X Games before.

On his first run in the X Games finals, Shaun White was already pretty close to perfection, walking away with an impressive 94 points. On his second run, he wiped out, but it didn’t matter. White had already secured the gold, trailed by Iouri Podladtchikov in second with 93 points and Ryo Aono in third with 86 points.

Already assured of victory and a 2012 Winter X Games gold medal, Shaun White confidently strolled out to the Superpipe to show off his prowess for his third run. Holding absolutely nothing back, White blew the judges away with his final routine and earned a totally perfect Superpipe score of 100 points.

“It’s unreal. I’ve been wanting that 100 forever,” White said after finally achieving one of his competitive goals.

Shaun White’s win at the Winter X Games 2012 is his fifth consecutive gold medal at the event. Even more impressive, the Shaun White perfect Superpipe score was accomplished on an injured ankle. White was forced to withdraw from the Slopestyle competition because of his ankle, but it didn’t seem to hinder him in the least for the Superpipe.