Weird News: Monster Sinkhole in Guatemala Swallows Building

A massive sinkhole in Guatemala has eaten a building and may have killed at least one person in the wake of Tropical Storm Agatha. A giant Guatemala sinkhole is weird enough, but the creepiest thing is how perfectly round it is. Seriously, it’s like aliens hit Guatemala City with a giant hole punch.

Sinkhole in Guatemala (Casa Presidencial/Handout)
Sinkhole in Guatemala (Casa Presidencial/Handout)

The monster sinkhole appeared suddenly underneath a three-story building at an intersection in Guatemala City. The building subsequently vanished into the sinkhole. A security guard is allegedly missing from the area, but that report has not yet been confirmed.

The sinkhole in Guatemala is being blamed on rains from Tropical Storm Agatha. Thousands have been left homeless and at least 150 are reported dead in the wake of the tropical storm in Central America.

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