The SNL Bailout Skit- NBC Has NO Balls!


NBC took down an SNL clip poking fun at the bailout from their website, despite it’s popularity. (Link below!) While NBC has enjoyed riding the Tina Fey/Sarah Palin gravy train, it seems it’s too scared of some “predatory lenders” to keep the clip from this weekend’s show up.

The clip’s a fake C-Span report, and identifies former Golden West Financial Group co-chiefs Herb and Marion Sandler as “people who should be shot” in a graphic. The Sandlers sold Golden West Financial S&L to Wachovia in 2006 while the gettin-out was good. Golden West was a company whose major product was subprime mortgages, and the Sandlers got a cool $24.2 billion for it. Wake Up America says:

“Herb Sander spoke to the Associate Press the morning after seeing the SNL skit which derided them as ‘predatory lenders’ who had duped borrowers and Wachovia. After seeing the skit replayed on the Internet, Sandler was described as ’seething,’ about how he and his wife were portrayed.”

The skit ALSO skewered George Soros, who has more money than the Sandlers…and everyone else except God. There are reports that the Sandlers are threatening to sue. Soros won’t sue- but he might put a hit out on you, or sink your country’s currency.

What a bunch of freakin’ whiners. Sarah Palin’s had a great attitude about Tina Fey’s spot-on spoofs, and has promised “job security for all SNL cast members”! The clip has been posted, yanked, posted, yanked, yada, yada, yada all day long. Pat Dollard has thrown down the gauntlet, has posted the clip, and dares NBC to yank it. Better watch it here while you can!