SYTYCD Choreographer Shane Sparks Arrested on Child Molestation Charges

America’s Best Dance Crew judge Shane Sparks arrested! The award-winning choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew was arrested in Los Angeles on eight counts of felony child molestation. Shane Sparks was arrested early Friday and is currently being held in lieu of $590,000 bail.

Shane Sparks Arrested
Shane Sparks Arrested

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department arrested Shane Sparks at his home in North Hollywood on a felony warrant around 8 a.m. LAPD spokesman Bruce Borihanh said in a statement that “Sparks has been the subject of an ongoing child-molestation investigation.” The charges reportedly stem from an incident involving a teenager a decade ago.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office reported a complaint was filed by a girl who was underage at the time of the alleged incident. The woman’s name is being withheld due to her age at the time. “It’s an underage girl. She was under 15 when the alleged crimes occurred. She is an adult now and came forward to authorities,” District Attorney’s Office representative Jane Robinson said in a statement.

Shane Sparks was the famed choreographer for the 2004 film You Got Served before signing on to work on So You Think You Can Dance, for which he has earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Choreography. Another SYTYCD choreographer, Alex Da Silva, was arrested in March on charges he raped four of his students.

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Posh Victoria Beckham to Guest Judge on American Idol

Paula Abdul‘s seat is still warm after quitting the show earlier this week, but American Idol execs are already scouting for guest judges to fill in for the newly departed icon. First up, former Spice Girl “Posh” Victoria Beckham.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The wife of superstar soccer god David Beckham will reportedly earn over $200,000 for a one-time guest judge appearance on American Idol’s 9th season.

Meanwhile, Paula Abdul said on Wednesday that she is already missing her co-judges on Idol and told jokingly that she’s sure Simon Cowell “misses me already” too.

As for that offer from former American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe to guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance, Paula isn’t sure what she’ll be doing next. “It’s been overwhelming what’s going on right now, so I have to really carefully think about everything.”

Katie Holmes ‘Kills’ With So You Think You Can Dance Judy Garland Tribute

Actress Katie Holmes killed on last night’s So You Think You Can Dance with a tribute performance to Judy Garland – but not in a good way. The dance stylings of Mrs. Tom Cruise on So You Think You Can Dance were so torturous, it’s amazing live audience members didn’t keel over from sheer horror.

The appearance of Katie Holmes on Thursday night’s So You Think You Can Dance was much touted by the show as part of its 100th episode celebration. Holmes is one birthday clown, however, that I doubt anyone will be eager to book again. Holmes agreed to do the gig partially in support of the Dizzy Feet Foundation – a charity she co-created to support and increase access to dance education in the U.S. Well, Holmes certainly did have ‘dizzy feet’ last night, but frankly I doubt the charity wanted her to represent them quite so literally – or lamely.

Seriously, if you have not yet seen this bit of footage, be prepared to throw up in your mouth a little bit. That anyone could so horribly slaughter a tribute to the most fabulous Judy Garland is nearly reprehensible. I’m sure Judy was probably up in heaven simultaneously attempting to cover both eyes and ears. I know I was.

At least the bit was pre-recorded. I shudder to think what kind of insanity might have happened had Holmes been forced to attempt this debacle live.

Oh, and Katie – next time. Please, please wear some pants. Talk about needing some eyeball bleach…

Nigel Lythgoe Stepping Down As American Idol Producer

Well, it looks like we won’t have Nigel to bitch about this season on American Idol. Maybe Andrew Lloyd Webber night was the last straw. Or Neil Diamond. Or any of the other demographic-killing theme nights we witnessed last season. Nigel has been American Idol’s producer since the beginning, and rumors have it he’s lost his passion for the show. He’s leaving right as Fox faces the challenge of staying on top in its eighth season.

Nigel’s negotiating a joint-venture deal with American Idol creator Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment. You’ve probably seen Nigel sitting behind the Idol judges during the show, and if you watch “So You Think You Can Dance?” you know him well! Nigel produces SYTYCD also, and stated that:

I will step back from my day-to-day producing work on ‘American Idol’ and will be devoting my time to the new enterprise

The change comes as Idol tries to keep its hold on the No. 1 ratings spot, a rare trick for an aging show. Last season the ratings had a small downturn, and the audience age shifted a bit older. The demographic shift is probably the more worrisome piece of data.

Fox congratulated Lythgoe on his new venture but acknowledged it was “disappointed” that he would not be continuing as executive producer. No word on whether Nigel will have any sort of involvement in the show going forward, or what Nigel, Simon Fuller and 19E’s new venture will be. The show returns January 19th, 2009. 19E says the new producers have yet to be decided.

Wow. Things are about to get REAL interesting. And could possibly go straight into the crapper.

David Archuleta Likes To Say Haha, Needs Videoblog Help

David Archuleta’s Official MySpace has his musings on the American Idol Tour, progress on his album, and his excitement that his version of Imagine was used on So You Think You Can Dance last night. Take it away, Archie!

Hey everyone. I tried to put up a video blog from last night while I was in the dressing room at the E center in Utah, but with my luck I can’t get it uploaded. I’m going to try and put it up later anyway because it was an exciting moment, but sorry everyone for not being able to get that up. The shows were great though! I was so happy to be home and see everyone there, and how much support the crowd gave to everyone.

I’m in LA for the time we have off right now and have had a couple of meetings involving the album, which were fun. Our next show is in St. Louis, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been there so it should be fun to see the big arch there haha. Anyway I’ll try to get that blog up, even though it’s not fancy or anything haha, so you guys can at least see it soon.

Oh one more thing. On So You Think You Can Dance a couple named katie and will danced to my performance Imagine. I thought that was way cool! Haha. They did awesome. I feel… Like honored lol. Ok sorry i’m out of it right now so have a good night everyone.

Won’t SOMEONE please help little Dave learn how to videoblog so he can upload his exciting moments and spend less time writing?