NBC Cancelled Drama ‘Southland’ Picked Up By TNT

TNT has announced it will pick up the cop-themed drama Southland after the series was cancelled by NBC. The cable network will run six unaired episodes of Southland previously scheduled to run on NBC before the show’s cancellation.


After airing all 13 episodes of Southland currently in the can, TNT will decide whether or not to order up additional episodes of the show. “This is a great win for fans of ‘Southland’ and a perfect opportunity to introduce the series to new viewers,” TNT president Steve Koonin said in a press statement.

The deal has been foreshadowed by rumors for weeks and we’re glad to hear for once the rumors are true. Check out what Jessica has to say about why the Southland pick up is a smart move for TNT over at SmallScreenScoop.com.

Southland will debut on TNT on January 12 at 10 p.m.

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