Glee Guest Stars Chewbacca in Star Wars Holiday Special Tribute

We’ve seen a lot of amazing guest stars on Glee the past few seasons, but for the Glee Christmas celebration, they’re bringing in someone of intergalactic fame Hold on to your hats, those fabulous oddballs (like me) who are both Glee and Star Wars fans, you are about to land in mash-up heaven! In the upcoming Glee Christmas holiday episode, Chewbacca will guest star in a fabulous tribute to 1978’s Star War’s Holiday Special.

What? You’ve never heard of the Star War’s Holiday Special? Oh yes, it was indeed an official Star Wars spin-off broadcast just once in its entirety on November 17, 1978. In the special Chewbacca and Han Solo visit Chewy’s home-world to celebrate “Life Day” and battle evil agents of the Galactic Empire along the way. Truly frakking priceless. Perhaps THE most ridiculous, cheesy and hilarious holiday special ever. The Star Wars Holiday Special has never been re-broadcast or ‘officially’ released on video. You can, however, find copies of it all over the Net. Like here!

Anyway, back to Glee and Chewbacca. According to Glee star Matthew Morrison, Chewbacca will guest star on the show in a throwback tribute to the Star Wars Holiday Special and Judy Garland Christmas Special. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Morrison said Glee producers “called up George Lucas and he gave us Chewbacca. There is only one guy who can officially be Chewbacca, and he lives in Northern California and they flew him in.”

The cast apparently got a huge kick out of having the big, furry guy on stage for a day. Harry Shum Jr., who plays dance guru Mike Chang on Glee, said “everyone’s face was so happy” and everyone was taking pictures with Chewbacca on set. However, we are sad to say that, according to Morrison, Chewbacca does not sing in the Glee Christmas holiday special. Damn!

Shum did give a little hint as to how this strange guest appearance will fit into the show. He told AOL TV that Chewbacca “makes an appearance into Artie’s dream in a way… I can’t really delve into the details, but it’s something to do with Artie.”

The Glee holiday episode airs on December 13.