Steve Jobs Remembered by Sister

Steve Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson, delivered a beautiful eulogy at Jobs’ funeral recently and the New York Times has published her words. They were a touching tribute to Jobs, giving a window into his private life that not many saw. Simpson talked about how Jobs was a dreamer who loved his work and constantly strove for excellence. These are qualities that come to mind when thinking about Jobs, but his sister also discussed the lesser-known facts about how he lived, and even how he died.

She paid tribute to his memory as a father and husband, revealing that his passion for life extended to those closest to him. Simpson discussed how he related to his wife and kids and the hopes and dreams he held for them as well. She also talked about his last months and days, saying that “death didn’t happen to Steve, he achieved it.” She said what, perhaps, many people felt:

“I suppose it’s not quite accurate to call the death of someone who lived with cancer for years unexpected, but Steve’s death was unexpected for us.”