Tom Cruise: Box Office Poison

Tom Cruise isn’t going to be playing the role of Edwin A. Salt, a fictional CIA officer who is outed as a spy. Fox 411 reports that the production, “Edwin A. Salt,” from Columbia Pictures, has been a huge, expensive headache.

Now Tom is out, and apparently it’s about the money. Tommy still thinks he’s a “Top Gun” in Hollywood. He used to be the highest-paid star, but he’s not commanding a $20 million salary like he did in the past. A studio source says:

The reasons for Cruise’s departure are not just his diminished popularity, negative public opinion and Scientology — although those would be good enough. It’s also just generational. Cruise is 45. His heyday as a box office star — if he ever had one — is over. Like past huge leading action stars such as Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cruise must face the brutal facts of aging. Ironically, he’s been replaced by Will Smith, whom Cruise has courted for Scientology.

Yep, Tommy’s officially a cougar now, and a lot of people aren’t real keen spending their money or time on Mr. Couch! Cruise’s upcoming release, “Valkyrie,” is due next February. It isn’t going to help Tommy’s image to play a Nazi, although it may have been a breeze for him to get into character. Just ask Katie!

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