Steven Tyler National Anthem Serial Murder [VIDEO]

The Steven Tyler National Anthem video debacle before Sunday’s Patriots-Ravens game is just the latest killing in a series of serial murders of this country’s most patriotic song by the Aerosmith frontman. Don’t get me wrong, I love Aerosmith, but a Steven Tyler National Anthem rendition is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard while two tomcats yowl at each other over screaming girl cat in heat.

Yes, it is that bad. No, I’m not taking it back. Listening to American Idol judge Steven Tyler singing the National Anthem at the Patriots-Ravens game on Sunday was horrible. Over the years, we’ve all heard worse performances of the song (Roseanne Barr anyone?), but Tyler’s cover was certainly not championship game worthy. He screamed, he scratched, he wheezed, he tortured the lyrics. Steven Tyler mutilated that song to death.
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